Roland's Quest is an Action RPG where the player can craft in the environment and create fun stuff.

Roland's Quest is an Action RPG where the player can craft in the environment and create fun stuff.

What makes our game different

Rolan's Quest's dungeons have two major elements: the hammer, and its conduits. A conduit transforms the hammer into a tool to match the environment.

Sometimes your hammer is a flamethrower; sometimes it's a music box; it may redirect electricity or let you perform alchemy. This allows for one-of-a-kind dungeons that keep you on your toes and let you get creative.

Crowd control with Disperse Helix

Team up with Lulu to create fiery devastation

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For Rolan, the world ends at the town's edge. Even the politics of the capitol are a far-off dream for the small town lad. He has few worries, until a mysterious band of soldiers is spotted in the area. Marching in unknown colors, no one seems to know where these elusive outsiders come from. Moreover, no one seems to care.

When they should be banding together, kingdoms are too absorbed with their petty feuds to get involved. Rolan is faced with a choice: stay in the dark, or leave his quiet life behind.

With his hard-hitting sidekick Lulu, Rolan must unravel the secrets of an evil Lord, cross into exciting new territories and uncover his world's dark, long forgotten past.

...In a world teeming with evil powers, is destruction inevitable?


pixel Rolan

Rolan - The hero

A smith from the unusually small Forest Town. Raised by his grandfather, he excels at hunting, lounging, and cruising through life. Resourceful, kind, and all around “nice guy,” he's a big fish in a tiny pond. It's time for something greater. It's time for Rolan to learn what he wants, needs and, most importantly, that everyone's destiny is important.

pixel Lulu

Lulu - The mystery

The smart, and positively devious right-hand lady. Lulu is driven almost by madness to succeed, yet remains wary to share her story. After haphazardly joining forces with Rolan, she wanders between cold mercenary and true friend. It seems even she doesn't know what she's capable of.

pixel Aksel

Aksel - The rival

Hailing from the powerful and prideful capitol of the North, Aksel is the youngest from an ancient family of warriors. Above all else, she wants what is best for her kingdom. Charismatic and bloodthirsty, she intends to lead her people into a new world, where their status and traditions are respected. Aksel is your Gary Oak, and you just can't shake her. Her nuanced personality and dangerous patriotism make her an absolutely unforgettable character.

pixel Lucius

Lucius - The tyrant

Haven't you heard? There are rumors the mysterious Lord comes from a long line of power-hungry, highly intelligent aristocrats. Sangria may be an intellectual, but he is also extremely narcissistic, with a perverted black-and-white view of the world. Of course, the evil Lord's plan is anything but what it seems. Only by unraveling his antagonist's complex story can Rolan find the purpose he needs to save the world.

Meet the team

Brian Karcher
Brian Karcher
Ephraim Mangohig
Ephraim Mangohig
Level Designer
Kevin Tan
Kevin Tan
Art Director
Steve Syz
Steve Syz

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